Conserving vital seagrass habitats with the Marine Conservation Society

As part of our partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, we have had the pleasure of working with Dr Jean-Luc Solandt on our mission to regenerate and protect a huge area of seagrass off the coast of Portland Harbour.

Jean-Luc has over 15 years of experience working in marine protected areas on rewarding and exciting projects. This includes the Marine Conservation Society’s seagrass regeneration project that we support with our ‘1% for the ocean’ initiative.


Despite covering only a small percentage of our seas, seagrass is the most important marine habitat in the fight against climate change. It is extremely effective at capturing carbon, sequestering roughly 10% of carbon that is buried in ocean sediment each year, while also helping to support the fish population.

“Seagrass absorbs as much carbon – if not more – than long-standing forests. But we need to protect it from traditional anchoring for these delicate ecosystems to work for us. By stopping the damage done by anchors and chains which drag along it, we can protect the seabed and help secure the future for Portland’s seagrass.”
Dr Jean-Luc Solandt

Learn more about the rewarding work we’ve been able to assist the Marine Conservation Society with below.

With the donation of sales from your purchases of Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’, ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’, Voyager Series ‘Daring’, ‘Phantom’ ‘Marabelle Gin’ and the New London Light collection, together we are making a difference to protect this precious ocean habitat.


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