Named ‘Phantom’ after a Salcombe Fruiter, built in Salcombe in 1867, and inspired by her cargo of the finest fruits, spices and wines; this limited-edition cask finished gin has been developed in collaboration with the iconic Château Climens, one of the world’s finest producers of Sauternes wine. 

Created to mimic the aromas and flavours of the exceptional 1er Cru Sauternes wines produced by Château Climens, ‘Phantom’ is a rich, sophisticated and decadent cask finished gin that is wonderfully smooth on the palate with distinct flavours of apricots, jasmine, toasted oak, spices and caramelised orange peel. The finish is acacia honey and cantaloupe melon, balanced with the minerality of fresh orange peel pith.

Limited to 3,500 bottles. 50cl, 46% ABV.

This limited-edition release is no longer available to purchase.


‘Phantom’ pays tribute to the exceptional aroma and flavour profile found in the wines from Château Climens. The gin tells the story of the vineyard, the winemaker, the cask, the distiller, and the concept of terroir. ‘Phantom’ takes you on a journey to an unhurried world where time, precision, patience and craftsmanship are expertly pursued in the name of taste.

The famous Barsac fogs that descend over Château Climens’ estate create the perfect climatic conditions that lead to the magic of noble rot, an element that is vital in creating the richness and complexity in the wines that ‘Phantom’ captures, resting gently in French oak casks, emerging from the mists of time for your enjoyment.

Our co-founder Angus and Château Climens’ head winemaker Frédéric hand selected the casks for the sweet perfumed residual aromas and properties that they would add to the gin. The hand selected casks were imported to Salcombe and filled in February 2020, where the liquid aged for a period of 8 months. During this time the gin took on a light golden hue and picked up notes of sweet acacia honey, orange blossom and apricots.

Handpicked from the vineyard

A total of 16 botanicals were carefully selected, seven of which were handpicked from the bio-dynamic estate of Château Climens including marigold flowers, bay leaf, savory, cypress, fennel, nettles and rose petals, all of which grow in and around the vines and contribute to the estate’s terroir.

Cypress, MARIGOLD FLOWERS, orange peel, orris root, ORANGE BLOSSOM APRICOTS, lavender, NETTLES, rose petals.

These were then carefully balanced with a selection of traditional gin botanicals including Macedonian juniper, English coriander seed, orange peel and orris root, together with lavender, orange blossom and apricots to accentuate the trademark aroma and flavour profile of Château Climens wines and complement the cask finishing process.

The gin was distilled using the exacting one-shot method and then blended with pure, naturally soft Dartmoor Water before being filled into the cask for a period of 8 months.

Exceptionally distinguished

The exceptionally distinguished Château Climens, whose past spans several centuries, became known as the “Lord of Barsac” very early on. The history of this prestigious growth is characterised by unfailing continuity enabling only the very best to be coaxed out of this unique terroir.

Only five families have owned the estate from its origins, a rarity in the region. Château Climens was acquired by Lucien Lurton, a man passionate about exceptional terroirs who already owned several famous classified growths in the Medoc.

He was won over by the finesse of the Climens wines and with great foresight acquired the Château in 1971 despite the crisis that Sauternes wines were undergoing at the time. He brought a determined touch of modernity as well as relentlessly high standards to the domain while respecting both tradition and the centuries-old savoir-faire in particular. It was in 1992 that his daughter Bérénice Lurton took the Château’s destiny into her capable hands. Since then, it is with enthusiasm and determination that she takes great care in perpetuating the precious magic of Château Climens, ensuring that this legendary growth shines with evermore brilliance and grace.

It is superb

“Salcombe’s ultra-premium Voyager Series has been made this year in collaboration with the famous Bordeaux estate Château Climens, and only 3,500 bottles have been released. It is superb — honeyed, with a complex, juniper-infused finish.”


One percent for the ocean

We donate 1% of every bottle sold to the Marine Conservation Society to help protect and regenerate precious ocean habitats.



Salcombe Distilling Company will donate 1% of revenue from UK sales of 50cl and 70cl bottles of Salcombe Gin to ocean recovery projects run in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society, a registered UK charity working for seas full of life. Registered charity no. 1004005 (England & Wales); SC037480 (Scotland).

  • 50ml Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Phantom’  
  • 150ml Premium Indian tonic water 
  • Orange peel
  • Fill a large wine glass with plenty of ice.
  • Add 50ml of ‘Phantom’. 
  • Add 150ml of premium Indian tonic water. 
  • Garnish with a twist of flamed orange peel.
  • Gently stir and serve.
  • 50ml Voyager Series ‘Phantom’
  • 30ml Lyme Bay Apricot Brandy Liqueur
  • 20ml Acacia honey and apricot syrup
  • 10ml Clarified fresh lemon juice
  • 5ml Peach grenadine syrup
  • 2 Dashes orange bitters
  • Sliced apricot to garnish (if not in season, you can use a flamed orange peel)
  • Chill a coupe or Martini glass with ice and place to one side.
  • Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir gently for 20 seconds.
  • Discard the ice from the chilled glass.
  • Strain the cocktail through a julep strainer into the chilled glass.
  • Garnish with a slice of apricot, if available.

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